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What is Precice 2 System?


The Precice 2 system has been one of the most preferred methods by most patients, as it is comfortable and less risky. In this surgery, an intramedullary nail is inserted into the patient’s bone. In addition, there is no external metal apparatus attached to the legs. For this reason, less pain, shorter treatment times and less risk of infection are remarkable advantages compared to methods with external devices.

PRECICE 2 nails are American-made intramedullary nails used for bone lengthening. It interacts with the magnets inside the nail and the Remote Control (ERC) is used to lengthen the bone.

Precice 2 Method
Remote Control (ERC);
The Remote Control is a portable magnetic device that allows elongation to occur by pressing the button on it. Thus, controlled elongation takes place.

Precice 2 Method
Intramedullary Nail;
An intramedullary nail or rod is used as an internal fixation and is made of titanium alloy. The doctor decides on the size of the nail by examining the x-ray images. (8.5 mm, 10.7 mm, 11.5 mm or 12.5 mm) It is surgically embedded in the bone cavity during surgery. Since the nail is bio-compatible, it does not contain any element that will harm the body.

Important information about nails: Patients weighing up to 40-70 kg can walk in a controlled manner with the support of a walker, depending on the size of the nail. However, patients are allowed to walk under the supervision of a doctor without putting too much weight on the nail. (For example, going to the toilet or walking exercises in physiotherapy sessions.) Apart from this, a wheelchair must be used during the elongation period due to the weight-bearing capacity of the nail. Because the mechanism can be damaged when too much pressure is applied to the legs.
Two Surgery with Precice 2
If Precice 2 is chosen as the lengthening surgery method, two operations are performed;

First Surgery; An intramedullary nail is inserted into the marrow cavity of the bone. Patients gradually lengthen the bone 0.99 mm per day by pressing the ERC button on the remote. (Extension done three times a day / 0.33 mm x 3)

Intramedullary Nail Removal Surgery; After complete bone union, intramedullary nail can be removed upon the patient’s request. It can take a year or a half to get rid of the nail with a short procedure.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Precice 2 Method

Less painful processes are experienced compared to classical/external methods.

There is less risk of infection as there is no external device attached to the legs. (eg Holyfix, Combined)


The cost of surgery is expensive compared to other methods such as LON and Holyfix.

Since the weight-bearing capacity of the nail is limited, patients should use a wheelchair during the extension phase. For this reason, some patients consider choosing the Stryde Method to avoid using a wheelchair.

The ‘Precice 2’ method is highly preferred by our patients for the following simple reasons:

Patients go through a lengthening process with minimal pain, except for the first week.

Less scars are left on the legs thanks to minimal scars and aesthetic stitches.

Compared to other methods (such as LON, Holyfix and Ilizarov), patients have less complications, a safer and more comfortable lengthening period.