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Gynecological Oncology

Jinekolojik Onkoloji Kliniği’nde tedavi kanser türüne göre değişmekle beraber cerrahi, öncelikli olarak tercih edilen tedavi yöntemlerinin başında geliyor. Erken tanıda cerrahi müdahale tek başına yeterli bir tedavi olabiliyor. Robotik cerrahi ise hem hasta hem de doktor için pek çok avantaj sağlıyor. Robotik cerrahi ve laparoskopik cerrahi ek eğitim gerektiren bir uzmanlık alanı. Kliniğimizde jinekolojik onkoloji ve robotik cerrahi konusunda uzman ve tecrübeli bir hekimler hizmet veriyor. Brachytherapy in gynecological cancers
Brachytherapy in gynecological cancers is effectively used in the treatment of gynecological cancers. In gynecological cancers, brachytherapy is used especially in the treatments of cervix (cervical) cancer, endometrial (uterine) cancer and vaginal cancer. The radioactive source is placed in the uterus or inside the vagina and the tumor tissue is irradiated. Brachytherapy is usually performed as an outpatient treatment under sedation or general anesthesia.
Evaluated by tumor council
Patients first enter the Tumor Council, which consists of many specialties such as surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology, nuclear medicine, and intensive care, and the treatment process is determined. WHICH DISEASES ARE TREATED IN OUR CLINIC?
Cervical Cancer
It is among the top 10 most common cancers in our country. It is thought that between 1,300 and 1,500 new cases are diagnosed annually. However, 60% of the cases do not respond to treatment and are diagnosed at an advanced stage. It is thought that with the current socio-cultural changes, the burden of cervical cancer will increase day by day and will pose a much greater threat to our country in the coming years. In cervical cancer, as a result of screening with pap smear, cervical cancer of thousands of women is detected in the early stages, before it becomes cancerous, and women are prevented from losing their lives due to cancer.
Ovarian (Over) Cancer
Ovarian cancer is among the top 10 most common cancers in women. As in the rest of the world, at least three quarters of the cases are diagnosed in advanced stages in our country, and unfortunately, these cancers are at least 80 percent fatal at these stages. It is the “gold standard” that no visible tumor is left in the first surgery of patients with ovarian cancer. In Liv Hospital Gynecological Oncology Clinic, the rate of successful surgery without any visible tumor is 93 percent. This rate is 60 percent in some European centers and 11 percent in Canada. Unfortunately, cancer tumor markers are widely and unconsciously used throughout the country for possible early diagnosis of ovarian cancer. There is no known effective method for the screening of ovarian cancer yet.
Endometrial Cancer
Another important cancer among female reproductive tract cancers is endometrial cancer. The most common female reproductive tract cancer in women in Western countries is endometrial cancer, and it is among the top 10 most common cancers in our country. Often there may be accompanying breast, ovarian or colon cancers. Although there is no screening program, most of the cases are diagnosed at an early stage due to the complaint of bleeding. For this reason, endometrial cancer should be kept in mind and investigated in postmenopausal vaginal bleeding.
Other Female Reproductive System Cancers
Female external reproductive system (vulva and vagina) cancers and special female reproductive system cancer types are treated according to international standards.