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About Us

Who are We?

As BIG GROUP HEALTH TOURISM, we are committed to providing the highest quality Health Tourism service to our valued guests.
Let’s start our information by answering the question “What is Health Tourism?”.
Health tourism is traveling to a country different from the country of residence in order to protect, treat and improve health. It is a very specialized service and is subject to strict controls to maintain the continuity and quality of the service.
In order for a service provider to provide Health Tourism services, certain conditions must be met. The health tourism facility that wants to provide this service is obliged to pass the approval of two ministries.

These are the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey. Obtaining a TURSAB certificate from the Ministry of Culture and obtaining permission from the Ministry of Health are indispensable parts of the process. Let’s talk about the services we offer for you;
Our guests have the opportunity to get to know the professional healthcare team that will take care of them by having information about all treatment stages before coming to our country.
They also have the opportunity to get to know their doctors and get information about them through online interviews.

We provide our guests with uninterrupted and satisfaction guaranteed service as long as they are in our country. As soon as they land in Istanbul, they are welcomed by certified interpreters and their travel to the health facility or accommodation facility accompanied and guided by an interpreter is provided as part of the program. We would like to state that we provide telephone support 24 hours a day, seven days a week during the treatment.
If we come to the health services that we mediate;
1- Hair Transplantation
2- Oral and Dental Health
3- All Aesthetic Services
4- Obesity Treatment
5- Height Extension (You can extend your height up to 16 cm and make your dreams come true)
6- Eye Health

7- Organ Transplantation

8- Oncology


10- Neurology

11- Urology

12- Cardiovascular Diseases

13- Gynecology

14- General Surgery
Treatments are at the forefront of our services. In addition, you can be sure that we can provide different health services in line with the demands.
We want to leave unforgettable memories in their minds by inviting our guests who have regained their health or renewed their health to city tours by saying that it is impossible not to come to Istanbul, the rare city of our beautiful country.
Again, upon the request of our guests, home care service after treatment is also provided by our health institution.

We would like to say that there is nothing in this life that we cannot achieve by working hard, but unfortunately, the health factor causes this sentence to lose all meaning.
As BIG GROUP HEALTH TOURISM, we are happy to promise that you and your loved ones will have all the health opportunities and that you will receive the best services to protect these opportunities.
Your health is entrusted to us.